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                                                                                                                    Teaching Enterprise Project
                                                                                             Nanyang Polytechnic
                                                                                             School of Business Management


                                                    Personal Selling Summary Report


Name: Patricia Lim Miaw Hong                            Admin Number: 034426C

Class: AF0303

Personal Selling Website Address:


1. Sales achieved: about $546.25

2. List of clients:

Client Contact Product Sold (Y/N) Reason (only for unsuccessful sales)
Ismond 97539800 moon cake Y
Caiping 98285621 moon cake Y
Carleen 91917314 moon cake Y
Mdm Tan E.H 68520292 moon cake Y
Mr. Lim 96848612 moon cake Y
Mdm Tan.G.H 62573233 moon cake Y  
Japheth 92721917 moon cake Y
Cheryl Lee 92376339 moon cake Y
Candice moon cake Y
Rachel 96872594 moon cake Y
Serene 92381912 moon cake Y
Simin Acer desktop computer N She is able to get a better rate at Sim Lim Square.
Wanyu 97564757 Hair Clip Y
Sarah 90129327 Cosmetics Y
Zachary 96378888 Batteries Y
Wenhan 98731430 Batteries Y
Xing Juan 91057313 Powdered Oil Blotter Y
Xiuyi 97436407 Management folder Y
Desmond 97802453 Ear phones Y
Veronica 97436954 moon cake Y


3. Briefly describe how you identify your targets and the sales approaches you adopted.

As the items offered for personal selling can also sold in various retail stores, it is thus important that the pricing of the product should be lower than that of others in order to capture the audience's attention. Apart from this, it is also necessary to understand customer's needs and wants to better serve and get better sales in return.

Take for example, during the mid autumn festival, it is a norm for Chinese to purchase moon cakes as gift for their friends and family members. Knowing of this trend, I used this opportunity to offer moon cakes to those friends with buying potential. As some of the customer had all the while been purchasing Tung Lok's moon cake, it was just a matter of the pricing wise that affects their decision whether a not to get it from me. As for the other customers, I just had to convince them about the reputable brand of  Tung Lok and asked them to give this brand a try. I highlighted to the customers the benefit of getting it from me instead of the retail stores outside. Basically I told them the a amount they would be able to save and that if they were to get it from me, I will make things very hassle free for them and make sure that the products are delivered to them personally.

Another friend of mine by the name of Xiuyi had some presentations back then. In order to hold her documents, she need a folder for it. Thus, upon realizing her needs, I offered her some range of folders for her to choose. I managed to clinch a sale from her as the folder was a necessity for her.

On this particular day when I was out with this friend of mine, I heard that he needs a new ear phone as the old one was spoilt. He was shelving for some earphones while shopping. After knowing of this, I told him about the range of earphones the school offers and ask if he would be interested to take a look in school. He sounds interest in it and told me to get anything with the features he stated and within his budget.

4. Describe any one sale you closed that you found particularly difficult.

I personally feel that the most difficult sales was the sale of the moon cake. This was because it was impossible for the customers to get a taste of the moon cake. Many express that they were worried that the taste of the moon cake might not suit them and it would be a waste of  money. I had a difficult time convincing them that it was worth the try to get a new taste. After clinching the deal, it was another problem during the collection day. As there were too many orders, it was impossible for me to collect the moon cake alone so I also had to trouble my parents to help me with it. As I have also promised the customers that I will make things hassle free for them, I also had to send it personally to them. All these process took quite some hours.